Cape Cod 2016: ‘It’s a Wonderful World’


By Nancy Mulvey


UUs converge on Cape Cod Sea Camps

Anticipating blissful sleep on camp cots?—with no snoring neighbors?

(Ho ho ho  wishful thinking for some)

Seafood suppers at JTs for the early arrivals

Others have dinner on the way or

Drive down Saturday morning in no traffic—smart.

Then exploring, catch-up chatter, sunset beach walking and games of Mexican Train

Nancy’s photo album of many years past gets a lot of attention

“Who’s that?” the most common question.

Ken, Jen and Michelle appear as their younger selves.


Yoga in the early mornings

After breakfast the cyclists are off

(Joan has to detour to rent a bike—

Her front wheel having remained in the garage at home)

Undaunted, all ages, ride off at their own speeds

With stops at the beach and at Arnolds for feed

Malcolm and Chas are a super team.

For non-riders—shopping, browsing, floor hockey or beaching

Lori finds the General Store a fun place

The beach crew gets busy with castles and construction projects

Collecting periwinkles that glom together in a pool

And hermit crabs that are forced into group relations.


A beautiful evening follows a gorgeous June day

Joe and Debbie join us for libations and appetizers at the Boat House

Pizza and all sorts of salads

(Why didn’t we think of this before????)

The Camp provides a cake of appreciation

For our years of attendance—30? 35? what does it matter—good times

The long-awaited “Untalent Show” provides evening entertainment.

David and Kathleen lead us in some favorites

George and Bryan harmonize while Molly and Nancy sling glorious mud

Shaun whistles, Micah shows rhythm on the drums

Darren and Malcolm entrance with their solos

And the hokey pokey is a group fave.

(The trio of Tilda, Li-li and Kieran is this year’s cutest group!)



Wildlife—abundance of rabbits and mystical deer

Lots of birds, but sadly, no foxes this year

S’mores around the campfire, games of Rummi-Kub

Bedtime for all—snorers, and those who distance themselves

Sunday morning Lara leads us in worship at the traditional Poop Deck

David and Kathleen provide the music again

Newbies and oldtimers share their thoughts of the weekend

New connections, and appreciation for a special group.

Time to return to the routine life— but with great memories—


It’s a Wonderful World—-ohhhh yeah!




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