2019-2020 UUCiA Annual Budget Drive

Dear Members and Friends
Although I have only been a part of this congregation for 2 years, I am so thankful to have found you. Being a part of the UUCiA has made the transition to MA a wonderful experience: finding friends, finding my fellow liberals, and finding a wonderful community. It is an honor to help with this year’s Budget Drive.

We will be doing things a bit differently this year. Email will be used to reach out to members, an online form will be used for pledging, and online giving options will be available. However, if you would like a printed copy of the forms in order to complete your pledge, I am happy to provide them. Please reach out to me (L. Shay Bradham) at (603) 930-3863 (please leave a message if I can’t answer) or lshaybradham@gmail.com and I will make sure you get what you need. If you have questions, you can also reach out to Patty Brayden at (508) 527-5271 or Chris Castiglione at (978) 967-6553.

Our Spiritual Home
UUCiA is our spiritual home, our spiritual family. We are here to support each other, nurture each other, and encourage each other. We are here to celebrate our joys and share our sorrows. We come together every week in order to sing, celebrate, share our joys and concerns, and to worship in whatever way aligns with our personal spiritual beliefs. We are not united by dogma or doctrine — we are joined together by something much deeper and stronger.

Just like your residence needs money to make it function, our spiritual home does, too. Money keeps the lights on, the sanctuary warm in the winter, the building functional, and the minister and the rest of the staff fairly compensated. It takes over $9,250 per month (over $2,100 per week) just to cover these essential expenses. In fact, we are seeking a three percent increase in pledging commitments compared to the previous congregational year. (Not sure what amount you pledged last time? Ask our collector Betsy Black  (978) 475-6343 or betsyb01@yahoo.com.)

Our Community
But just “covering essential expenses” isn’t where things should end. Our mission is to seek the light of truth, share the warmth of love, and live the energy of action. Your pledge helps us go beyond the four walls of the UUCiA building and out in the community — both physically and virtually. It enables us to help our neighbors, have a presence in our community, promote our website  so that more people can find us online, celebrate diversity, and spread the word that all are welcome and accepted at the UUCiA.

My Pledge to You
I would like to make a pledge to you, as well. I don’t want you to only hear from the Stewardship Committee/Task Force once a year. I feel you should have regular reports about the work we have done within our four walls and outside of them. I feel you should know details about lives that have been touched or social justice issues that have been fought for, or how we have reached new people with the message, “You are amazing. We celebrate your uniqueness. We love you as you are, and you are welcome here.”

Let’s continue to support our congregation, our mission, and our community through our continued financial commitment.

Wishing you Peace, Joy, and Hope,

L. Shay Bradham

Use our The 5-Minute Pledge Form to make you pledge today while you’re thinking about it.

Our goal is to conclude this pledge drive by Sunday April 27, 2019.


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