We Are a Welcoming Congregation

The phrase “Welcoming Congregation” has a particular meaning among Unitarian Universalists. While we do strive to be welcome to all people, a designated Welcoming Congregation has made a specific commitment to actively reach out to people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer. Given the repressive climate of our society, it is believed that people whose sexual and gender orientation is not that of the majority are subjected to particular discrimination and need extra assurance that they are, in fact, welcome as they are, and are not expected to remain closeted.

More than twenty years ago (in June 1994), our congregation voted overwhelmingly to become a Welcoming Congregation. We are one of the founding members of LGBTQ Welcoming Communities of Faith (or “Welcoming Faiths”).

Our congregation, and the Unitarian Universalist Association, have endorsed the rights of same sex couples to marry and receive the same rights and privileges, such as spousal health care coverage, hospital and prison visitation, immigration, inheritance, adoption, lending, and pension coverage, as heterosexual unions.

What you can do: 10 Steps Towards Ending Homophobia in Your Congregation

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