Giving Online

Why is making your pledge payments online a good contribution choice?

Giving online allows you to give without the worry of remembering to drop your contribution into the offering plate or sending a check in the mail. It gives you control of when and from where you will give.

Donate with Dwolla

Why use Dwolla?
PayPal and ETF place high service charges. With Dwolla, the UUCiA pays only $.25 per transaction, and you have the ability to pay or assume that $0.25, ensuring your entire donation will go toward the good work of this congregation.

How easy is it to switch to Dwolla?
When you first sign up for a Dwolla account it takes a few days to fund the account. It’s a lot like setting up a PayPal account; Dwolla uses a similar process. You will have to check back to your bank account statement and verify two small deposits that Dwolla will send you before your Dwolla account is up and running. However, once you are set up it is a very simple process.

Click HERE to set up an account.

How trustworthy is the Dwolla service?
Although Dwolla is a new service, it is gaining a lot of local and national attention.  Dwolla is backed by two well-established financial institutions that are well-regulated, to make sure that your money is safely protected. Read about the company here.

What types of features does Dwolla give?

  • Ours Hub Page: The UUCiA has our very own giving page making it simple to for you to give. All you need to do is sign into your account, type in the amount you want to give, enter your pin, and you are done. To see our hub page click — HERE.
  • Multiple Occurrence Options: Dwolla allows you to donate with a single, one-time donation, or with recurring, scheduled donations. This means that you can select monthly, bi-monthly or weekly based on your giving needs.
  • Smart Phone Apps: Dwolla has apps for the Android, iPhone and Windows 7 mobile platforms. This allows you to contribute to the congregation from your mobile phone. Don’t have your checkbook or wallet during Sunday service? You can pull out your smartphone and give during the offering time straight from your mobile device.
  • Online Giving Tracking: Since you will be giving through the Dwolla website, your donations will be listed online. This means that you can easily go to your account and track your giving.
  • Dwolla Spots: Dwolla is more than a church donation platform. It allows you to give to any person or business with a Dwolla account. And, there are more and more businesses all over the nation accepting Dwolla as a payment option.

If you have any more questions, please contact David Grober in congregational office ( to let us know how we can help you set up your account.

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