A vision in India
(Emily Ferrara)

During our stay in the Holy City of Varanasi, Lara and I spent much of our time walking along the ghats, the concrete riverfront steps leading down to the banks of the Ganges River (called Mother Ganga by the locals). The lifeblood of this ancient city was the backdrop for a extrasensory experiences unmatched by any we have encountered before or since. Sunrise ablutions and sunset offerings, sellers of trinkets and chai, washermen scrubbing clothes in the river, women laying out silk saris to dry in the sun, wedding and cremation rituals happening steps away from each other at the river’s edge, all in the company of wandering sadhus, goats, dogs and sacred cows. One day, I ventured alone to the less populated of the 88 ghats, and this vision appeared: a young woman supine on one of the steps of an otherwise deserted ghat. I was struck by her brilliant blue sari, her bare braceleted ankle, her arm draped with lime-green silk shading her eyes, her handbag and sandals shed on the steps below.  By the sand and rose colors of the ancient wall and the contemporary “billboard” posters.  A vision of peace, radiance, solitude and beauty, a meditation. For me, this is the signature image from our sojourn in India, a priceless memory I return to over and again.

Value: Priceless
Bidding to begin at $75
Dimensions: 21″ x 17″ (framed)

-Emily Ferrara


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