Sailing on the Merrimack River
(Captain Chas)

Sailing on the Merrimack River
(Captain Chas)
Ended at: 10 days 10 hours 13 minutes 30 seconds ago
$30.00 USD

This auction has been sold to Lara Hoke at $30.00 USD.
Join Chas for an afternoon of sailing on the Merrimack River on the flagship of the fleet, Z-Dog, 14.5 feet of speed and power [not shown]. Learn the true meaning of obscure nautical terms like "duck!" and "Oh @#%##!!!!" A lunch of non-alcoholic grog and hardtack will be provided. Date negotiable, but dependent on wind. Chas seeks a crew of three, so the three highest bidders will do the captain's bidding... Suggested value: 10 dubloons  
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