Vision Themes

These Vision Themes & Provocative Propositions reflect the dreams and aspirations of and for our congregation:

A. Theme – Caring and Supportive Community

  1. We are a truly caring and inclusive community that welcomes all with warmth, personal interest and tangible opportunities to become engaged in our shared journey.
  2. We are an intergenerational “village” that cares for and supports our congregation from our youth to our elders.
  3. We look for the best in each other and appreciate the unique gifts of each individual. We trust and support each other. We encourage each other’s ideas and initiatives. We are willing to change and try new ideas; celebrate success and accept failure as a learning experience.
  4. We offer many forums where people can openly discuss their various beliefs and be treated with dignity and respect.
  5. We recognize and acknowledge healthy disagreements. We actively engage and transform disagreements into positive outcomes for our community.
  6. We value healthy, respectful gender relationships, behavior that is consistent with our principled best selves and the timely resolution of conflicts that may arise.
  7. We accept responsibility for creating meaningful boundaries in these sensitive matters and providing competent and supportive resources to help maintain these boundaries.

  8. Our members participate in our community.

B. Theme – Growth and Outreach

  1. We are a growing, diverse and welcoming congregation. We are a place that people think of as their extended family-rich in nurturance and resources.
  2. We openly communicate about our congregation so people can readily find satisfying involvement.
  3. We value our children and we support their parents. We have vibrant religious education and youth group programs that fully engage our youth; ages toddler through high school.
  4. We are a liberal beacon of hope for a just world attracting members from a broad spectrum of economic and social backgrounds.
  5. We have Sunday worship services that draw and retain the adult community, facilitate relationships and strengthen community.
  6. We provide a variety of activities and programs that respond to congregational needs and interests and appeal to a varied audience beyond our congregation.
  7. We have a spacious and attractive Meeting House in a prominent location with adequate parking, a quiet chapel area, ample multi-use space and a full kitchen.

C. Theme – Diversity in Worship & Spirituality

  1. We have a broad range of meaningful worship programs that offer a variety of experiences that are relevant to our lives and drawn from the richness of many traditions. We encourage integration among the various programs.
  2. Our Sunday worship services are at the center of our diverse spirituality drawing us together in community to explore, learn, be challenged, comforted, and share life experiences. Our worship encourages each of us to make deeper connections with the higher self or source of inspiration, through meditation, introspection and sharing of intentional choices and experiences.
  3. We value and support the individual spiritual journeys of children and adults. Children participate in a portion of the service and have their own worship program as part of religious education.
  4. We have an inspiring music program that includes an adult choir, a youth choir and several performances by guest artists each year. Creative worship using other art forms such as drama, dance, and poetry also enhances our spiritual expression.

D. Theme – Social and Environmental Justice

  1. Within the Merrimack Valley, we are known as leaders for peace and social justice efforts that reach across ethnic and religious boundaries in the service of our shared humanity.
  2. We are a generous and responsible employer compensating our minister and staff at the top of their comparative pay packages. Our social and environmental justice endowment fund allows us to provide a meaningful contribution to addressing the major issues of our time —— human rights, poverty, disease, natural and man-made disasters.
  3. We are a home for people who develop and participate in effective social justice projects that answer the question: “What would a Unitarian Universalist do in this world?”
  4. We are a place for people to be informed and motivated to take action on current issues of social and environmental justice. We are energized and learn more about each other by engaging in these actions together through our shared ministry.
  5. We are dedicated to protecting the environment and living in harmony with it. We are environmentally responsible.

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